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Posterior Vitreous Detachment

Complete PVD: Separation of vitreous from the retina and optic disc.

Incomplete PVD: Full or partial separation from fovea but residual attachment to optic nerve and mid-peripheral retina.

Vitreoschisis: or anomalous PVD whereby there is liquefaction (synchysis) more than vitreoretinal separation.

Vitreous syneresis: Collapse of the vitreous gel. Goes hand in hand with synchysis in the gradual process of vitreous separation of PVD.

Useful information about PVD:

  • PVD starts around fovea.

  • Vitreous is most strongly attached at vitreous base and optic disc.

  • Weiss Ring = separation of vitreous from optic disc evident on slit lamp examination.


Five evidence based answers for PVD / retinal breaks (Retina Specialist March 2021)

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