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Who I Am

Ophthalmologist, Cataract, Medical and Vitreoretinal Surgeon 

Mr. Ch'ng brings extensive expertise to the fields of medical and surgical eye treatments, with a specialisation in general ocular conditions, complex cataract surgery, as well as retinal and macular diseases. These include retinal detachment, macular hole, epiretinal membrane, age-related macular degeneration, retinal vein occlusions, uveitis, and diabetic retinopathy.

A graduate of the University of Liverpool in 2006, Mr. Ch’ng has completed his ophthalmology specialty training in Wales and East Midlands (Leicester), UK. Further honing his skills, he underwent a year-long research fellowship in medical and vitreoretinal surgery at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, UK. During this time, he contributed to the development of innovative solutions such as a new hypersonic vitrectomy for retinal surgery and retinal implants.

In addition, Mr. Ch’ng completed a vitreoretinal surgery fellowship at Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre (BMEC), England. This advanced training further equipped him with the expertise to manage complex retinal conditions such as retinal detachment, macular hole, and epiretinal membrane surgery. He also gained valuable experience in treating serious ocular conditions such as endophthalmitis and penetrating eye injuries.

Mr. Ch’ng currently serves as a consultant ophthalmologist at BMEC, where he continues to make meaningful contributions in the field of vitreoretinal surgery. His additional responsibilities include leading the Eye Emergency Department, where he utilizes his expansive knowledge to provide exceptional patient care.

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